How primary Care Can Solve Today’s Health Care Challenges

With COVID-19, we are witnessing, once again, how a local problem can become a global challenge. The race to find a cure also demonstrates that global collaboration & coordinated responses across borders can save lives. Within this optic, we are launching Accidental European — a platform that strives to connect the dots by putting collective intelligence at the service of better policies both inside & outside the EU. To contribute to the debate, PhD Fellow Anne Moyal explores the importance of Primary Care (PC) and how some countries, by overlooking PC, are not only keeping the overall cost of healthcare up, but are also hindering Primary Care professionals in their role as gatekeepers to their own health systems. Facing a time when reliance on General Practitioners (GPs) will be decisive in keeping hospitals from overflowing with patients and ensuring the operational capacities of national health systems, Moyal explains why Primary Care should be the cornerstone of contemporary health care policies.

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