The Housing Crisis is Real… but so Are Possible Solutions

Housing is a human need & plays a significant part in protecting our health, safety, and well-being. The housing crisis is very much real in Europe & beyond. Covid-19 has only pulled the curtains wider on a long existing problem that continues to grow. As we confront disparities in living conditions during this pandemic, will we continue to turn a blind eye… or will we consider the possibility for affordable housing with a new set of eyes?

Jamil Nur, Economist & Post-Doctoral Researcher, explains the causes of the housing crisis & presents the different approaches taken, in the past, to tackle this problem. But he doesn’t just stop there… he also shares his insight on some lesser advertised approaches that could create a different perception on the overall purpose of housing. This perceptional change might inspire us to tailor better policy solutions to face the housing crisis both inside & outside of Europe.

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